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SwissCenter Documentation

The amount of documentation available is a little limited at the moment. However, as this is a wiki it means that anyone can contribute new material and correct/improve existing pages. Please help make SwissCenter better by contributing to the documentation:

Frequently Asked Questions

Feature specific FAQs

  • Music - Questions about listening to music
    • Internet Radio - Questions about accessing internet radio stations
    • - Questions specific to the support
    • MusicIP - Questions specific to the MusicIP support
  • Movies - Questions about watching video
  • TVseries - Questions about recorded TV Programmes
  • Photos - Questions about viewing photographs
  • Weather - Questions about viewing weather forecasts on SwissCenter
  • WebLinks - Questions about accessing external websites
  • RSS Feeds - Questions about adding RSS Feeds and Podcasts
  • Sub Categories - Questions about using Sub Categories

Hardware Specific FAQs

Developer Information


SwissCenter is released under the GNU General Public License.