Mar 272011

It’s been a long time in development and we now have a new release. This contains many new features and bug fixes to hopefully make this the best release yet.

Many thanks to all the beta testers that provided valuable feedback over the past couple of years.

This release requires PHP 5.2 or 5.3, and so PHP 4 is no longer supported. PHP 6 is also not yet supported by this release.

Enhancements / New Features
Movies and TV

  • Themes are generated using fanart as background images.
  • Added FSK rating system from Germany.
  • Added Kijkwijzer rating system from Netherlands.
  • Movies and TV episodes can now be rated.
  • Added ‘Lookup details’ to TV episode selected page.
  • Subtitles for movies can be downloaded from
  • Trailers can be assigned to movies as either a local file, URL, or YouTube link.


  • New ‘Browse by composer’ for audio.


  • Slideshow photo interval now configurable with PHOTO_DELAY_SECONDS setting.

Internet Radio

  • Live365 internet radio.
  • RadioTime internet radio.
  • IceCast internet radio.
  • Steamcast internet radio.

Internet Video

  • YouTube now supported.
  • Watch Apple movie trailers.
  • Movie trailers from
  • TOMA – Internet TV.
  • Internet Bookmarks can now be assigned categories and ratings.


  • New parser framework (thanks to Utsi) that allows multiple parsers to be queried.
  • Dutch movie parser from
  • German movie parser from
  • Movie parser to get details and trailer from Apple trailers site.
  • Actor images can be downloaded by TVDB and IMDb parsers.

Media Search

  • Implemented SwissMonitor to watch media locations for new media (Windows only)
  • Separate scheduled media searches can be defined for RSS and media.
  • Updated GetID3 library to 1.8.5.


  • Supported players can now be configured independently for compatibility.
  • Added System Test to verify installation files.
  • Added Parser Tests to verify movie and TV parsers.
  • Statistics pages in both Configuration and TV.

Popcorn Hour (NMT) Improvements

  • Enhanced ‘Now Playing’ screen showing fanart and progress bar.
  • Fixed incorrect detection of 1080p output, 1920×1080 instead of 1920×1280.
  • Fixed oversized banners when using 1080p output.


  • Fixed XPath encoding of & in exported settings (PHP5 only).
  • ‘Recently Added’ now uses discovered date rather than timestamp of media.
  • Improved caching of languages to improve performance.
  • Shuffling large playlists no longer restricted to first 2000 items.
  • Fixed UTF-8 decoding of Quicktime tags in m4a files.
  • Fixed audio playback of flac, wav, etc due to incorrect mime-type being used.
  • Fixed requests to
  • Fixed relative file paths in playlists.
  • Fixed detection of MusicIP service with PHP5 and Vista/Windows 7.
  • Fixed UTC time of tracks scrobbled to
  • Fixed encoding of file paths to UTF-8.