May 182008

A new release mainly to fix the Weather feature.

Enhancements / New Features

  • Tidied Main Menu with new Internet Services submenu.
  • Improved performance when browsing videos.
  • Added support for m4a audio files.
  • Added support for Matroska (mkv) video files.
  • Added support for Vorbis Comments tags (flac,ogg).
  • Improved embedded image (PIC & APIC tags) support for audio files.
  • Can now select transition effects for slideshows.
  • Style settings added to Keypad pages.
  • Updated Weather feature for new API.


  • Fixed updating RSS feeds from the TV.
  • Fixed OFDb parser.
  • Fixed encoding of scrobbled tracks to LastFM.
Feb 232005
New Features:

  • NTSC support. This should be automatically detected and used (however, without having an NTSC TV, I can’t be 100% sure!)
  • A “Now Playing” screen is displayed when listening to music which contains Album Art (if present), and details of the track Name, Artist and Album.
  • Additional movie details (actors, directors, genre) are collected if an internet connection is present whenever new movies are detected. (these details can be manually added or edited too).
  • “Messages” section added to display messages to the user such as notification of new features.
  • Basic Photo support – you can browse the filesystem and select individual photos or an entire directory for viewing as a slideshow. Many more options will be implemented in future versions.
  • Images are considered Cover Art pictures if they have the exact same name as the movie (with only the extension different). This is in addition to images called “folder.jpg” and those identified in the config screen.
  • It is now possible to search The Weather Channel for cities missing from the SwissCenter database, and get weather information if it is available.
  • Iconbar added to the main screen to (a) enable more to be displayed and (b) make it look prettier!

Bugs Fixed

  • Text is truncated to fit the screen based on letter sizes, instead of simply limiting the number of characters.
  • Extensive logging to a file done to aid debugging and support issues.
  • Fixed font colour on the 5-day weather forecast that was causing the day names to not display.
  • Mp3’s were not ordered correctly (eg: track 1,10,11,2,3,4,5.. etc)
  • Server differences between Simese and Apache detected and resolved.
  • Renamed a column in a database table that has been made into a reserved word (in MySQL 4.1)
  • Fixed compatibility issues between PHP 4.3.10+ and MySQL4.1+
  • Missing images are replaced with a transparent pixel to stop the page from being rendered in an ugly manner.
  • Directories from several media locations are now merged correctly.
  • Hidden “Recycler”, “System Volume Information” and “dot” files from the browsing screens.
  • The “Play Time” for a music selection was not being calculated correctly.
  • Merged all media search routines into a single script – which can be scheduled to run automatically.
  • Several typos and spelling mistakes!
Now Playing

Browse Movies by Actor

View Photos (thumbnails)

Photo Slideshow

Nov 102004

Bugs fixed:

  • Weather: In 5-day view: switching between metric and imperial didn’t work
  • Music: In thumbnail view, first item didn’t play, 2nd item played the 1st, etc
  • Music: “Back” Navigation bug fixed
  • Music: “Refine by” wasn’t working properly
  • Radio: Didn’t work in thumbnail view
  • Movies: In thumbnail view, first item didn’t play, 2nd item played the 1st, etc

Please note, that Marco has released an update of Simese (Simple Media Server) which fixes some stability issues (Available here – see the forums for more info).

Sep 182004

Development on the SwissCenter continues and I anticipate that the first public release will be made available for Windows users before October, with full testing completed on the Linux version sometime towards the end of October.

Take a look at the screenshots section to find out what the SwissCenter interface looks like.

Features that will be present in the first public version include:

  • Create, edit, load and save your custom playlists from within the SwissCenter interface – No more manually creating them on your PC.

In addition, the following features are enabled if your ShowCenter hardware and/or the computer on which the SwissCenter interface is running is connected to the Internet:

  • Access Internet Radio Stations*

  • View Weather forecasts for up to 5 days

  • Self-Updating – You can download and Install a new version of the SwissCenter whenever it’s available directly from the interface itself.

  • Download new UI Styles directly from this website from within the SwissCenter interface.

*Shoutcast Radio Stations are only available if you have upgraded youe ShowCenter firmware to version 1.5