May 302007

I’ve decided to do a release due to problems with the “Now Playing” screen that was affecting a number of users. There are a few other enhancements that I’ve made over the weekend, so I have incorporated those as well.

Enhancements / New Features

  • Ability to export/import swisscenter settings.
  • Swisscenter now updates MusicIP with details of new media locations and new MP3s found. There is no need to use the MusicIP interface for this any more.
  • Updated Dutch and German translations.
  • You can now select to search for new media by media type and/or category. Information on the progress of the search is also displayed back to the user.
  • Periods and underscores in filenames are now converted into spaces within movie/MP3 titles.
  • Added “Expert Options” to edit the swisscenter database and system preferences manually.


  • Included a workaround for occasions when the wrong port number is reported in the HTTP request sent by the hardware player. This should fix the “Now Playing” screen issues.
  • Logging level couldn’t be set to 1.
  • Thumb/list view not switching on the “edit movie details” config screen.
  • Updated the version of the GetID3 library used by swisscenter to the latest stable release. This should fix some MP3 tagging issues.
  • Old movie details were not being removed if you clicked “Update movie details”.