Apr 192006

A beta release of version 1.14 is available for installation for those who would like to try it. Please note that not this is not a final release, and there are still a few features that are not implemented (eg: The “Now Playing” screen does not display in HD mode).

New Features and Bug fixes include:

  • Resume movie support (for Simese users only).
  • Wikipedia Integration.
  • PHP5 support
  • Corrected the screen size in HD browser mode.
  • Updated language files (es).
  • Added a series of environment tests to help detect Linux installation problems.
  • All video files are added to the database, regardless of whether GetID3 thinks that are valid files or not!
  • Added missing MPAA ratings (“PG”, “Unrated” and “Not Rated”).
  • Better handling of ratings between BBFC and MPAA rating schemes.
  • Better playlist support (tested with Winamp and Windows Media Player).
  • Fixed searching issues.
  • Fixed the bug where Mozilla wasn’t detected properly.
  • Fixed pagination problems on the “update movie details” pages.
  • Finally fixed the bug where load/save playlist didn’t redirect to the correct page.
  • Added “divx” as a valid movie file extension.

To install the beta version, please see the instructions posted to the Beta forum. As always, please report any bugs that you find to the forums…

Oct 282004

Thanks to Marco, the installation of the SwissCenter on Windows is now much simpler by installing the pre-packed version of SwissCenter and the Simese media server.

The download can be found on Mattic Software’s website here
but please remember to perform an automatic update from within the
SwissCenter once it’s up and running to ensure you have the latest