Jan 142009

Finally a new release. This brings new features and a couple of fixes.

Enhancements / New Features

  • Flickr photos.
  • Mainand Internet menus support icons when defined in the style.
  • New ‘Internet TV’ feature to play video streams supported by your player.
  • Internet radio now shows ‘Now Playing’ details.
  • Internet radio searches for station, genre, and country are now configurable.
  • Internet bookmarks for web pages, radio streams, and video streams now configurable. Removed need for URL files.
  • Enlarged thumbnail images in Compact and Thumbnail browse mode.
  • New Large thumbnail view when browsing.
  • Removed Video submenu and merged Video and DVD Video media types.
  • Can now filter Video and TV media that have no details defined in the Config.
  • Language selection now uses country flag images.
  • Improved ‘Now Playing’ sync on EVA700 players.

Popcorn Hour (NMT) Improvements

  • Now supports mp4, m2ts, m4v video files.
  • DVD images now supported on Egreat, HDX, and ISTAR players.
  • Last.FM now supported (with ability to skip tracks).
  • Now supports the Elektron EHP-600/606 and CMI SYVIO 200 media players.


  • Updated SHOUTcast internet radio to now use classic.shoutcast.com.
  • Fixed old Photo Album not being removed after rename issue.
  • Fixed Browse by Filesystem page history issues.
  • Fixed issue of multiple media searches running on Apache.
  • Slideshows in PC browser now use correct delay, instead of default 1 hour.
May 072007

It’s been a while (almost 6 months) but at last I’ve found some time to fix some bugs and implement a few new features into SwissCenter. The main features of this release are

  1. Integration with internet radio directories Shoutcast and Live-Radio from within the SwissCenter interface. This should make it much easier to find stations to listen to (in addition, the bitrate of each station is also shown).
  2. Integration with a piece of software called MusicIP which analyses each song in your collection and creates an acoustic fingerprint for matching similar songs and artists (regardless of data format or bitrate).

My thanks to everyone who has been active in the forums suggesting improvements and fixes, and special thanks to those of you who have been providing language translations and contributing code.

Enhancements / New Features

  • Integration with Shoutcast and Live-Radio websites.
  • Integration with MusicIP.
  • Added Danish language support (thanks to CryptoKnight)
  • Added Dutch language support (thanks to Mvdkleijn)
  • Added Polish language support (thanks to Jaruckil)
  • Improved German language support (thanks to Izzy and NoXcape4U)
  • Improved French language support (thanks to Yqu)
  • An extra option has been added to allow you to specify the true-type font to use on the “Now Playing” screen. This should help alleviate problems for linux users who were missing the track details.
  • Added the ability to rotate images within a slideshow based on the information present in the EXIF Orientation field. Performing the rotate is the default action but it can be disabled from the “Audio Option” screen in the config utility.


  • Directories starting with a dot are now ignored when searching for new media files.
  • Improved finding of the PHP command line executable.
  • Fixed some bugs related to PIN code entry.
  • Added a button (when browsing by filesystem) to rescan the current directory for new media.
  • Fixed the ability to download and install styles from the SwissCenter website on windows machines (worked fine on linux!)
  • Improved the display of the config utility on Firefox2 and IE7
  • Added the missing submit button to the Audio options page.
  • Fixed a bug in the thumb.php script which prevented remote images from being resized and displayed correctly.

Sep 182004

Development on the SwissCenter continues and I anticipate that the first public release will be made available for Windows users before October, with full testing completed on the Linux version sometime towards the end of October.

Take a look at the screenshots section to find out what the SwissCenter interface looks like.

Features that will be present in the first public version include:

  • Create, edit, load and save your custom playlists from within the SwissCenter interface – No more manually creating them on your PC.

In addition, the following features are enabled if your ShowCenter hardware and/or the computer on which the SwissCenter interface is running is connected to the Internet:

  • Access Internet Radio Stations*

  • View Weather forecasts for up to 5 days

  • Self-Updating – You can download and Install a new version of the SwissCenter whenever it’s available directly from the interface itself.

  • Download new UI Styles directly from this website from within the SwissCenter interface.

*Shoutcast Radio Stations are only available if you have upgraded youe ShowCenter firmware to version 1.5