Apr 192006

A beta release of version 1.14 is available for installation for those who would like to try it. Please note that not this is not a final release, and there are still a few features that are not implemented (eg: The “Now Playing” screen does not display in HD mode).

New Features and Bug fixes include:

  • Resume movie support (for Simese users only).
  • Wikipedia Integration.
  • PHP5 support
  • Corrected the screen size in HD browser mode.
  • Updated language files (es).
  • Added a series of environment tests to help detect Linux installation problems.
  • All video files are added to the database, regardless of whether GetID3 thinks that are valid files or not!
  • Added missing MPAA ratings (“PG”, “Unrated” and “Not Rated”).
  • Better handling of ratings between BBFC and MPAA rating schemes.
  • Better playlist support (tested with Winamp and Windows Media Player).
  • Fixed searching issues.
  • Fixed the bug where Mozilla wasn’t detected properly.
  • Fixed pagination problems on the “update movie details” pages.
  • Finally fixed the bug where load/save playlist didn’t redirect to the correct page.
  • Added “divx” as a valid movie file extension.

To install the beta version, please see the instructions posted to the Beta forum. As always, please report any bugs that you find to the forums…