May 252007

Enhancements / New Features

  • Enahnced “Now Playing” screen. Includes prev/next track, track length and position in playlist.
  • The viewed status of media items is indicated by a small icon (red=unviewed, orange=part-viewed, green=viewed). If anyone can suggest/create better icons then please contact me!
  • You can now enable/disable individual “Browse by” options.
  • The Configuration pages have been better organized.
  • Collapsable menus on the config screen to help reduce complexity.
  • Photo albums get deleted if there are nolonger any photos in them.
  • You can now list movies via their cover art in the “Edit Movie Details” section of the configuration utility.
  • New “Filter” option that is applied after you select a category. Currently the only filter is the age of the media (ie: added within the last 7 days) but more are planned.
  • If only a single category has been defined, then the category selection screen is skipped.
  • The “New media” light on the front of some hardware players now flashes while a media update is in progress.
  • Added the Swisscenter license (GPL) to the config pages.
  • You can now edit the movie title on the config pages!
  • Mapped the Red,Green,Blue buttons to “rewind”, “Fast-forward” and “skip-forward” on the Buffalo Linktheater. Better icons to follow in the future.


  • Fixed some issues on the “Installation Tests” screen. Some tests were being wrongly reported as failed.
  • Fixed a font size issue on HDTV screens.
  • Fixed the downloading of styles/skins from the swisscenter website.
  • Thumbnails (of photos) are now rotated according to the EXIF data (if enabled).
  • Added the missing “12A” rating from the BBFC scheme.
  • The time stored internally for media files is not the timestamp of the file rather than the date it was discovered.
  • Internet radio stations from Live-Radio are now limited to MP3 streams only.
  • The first genre in “shoutcast” and “live-radio” was not being displayed.
  • Implemented better logging of the internet radio features.
  • The PC Browser navigations buttons were double submitting, causing problems with navigation.
  • Photos that were not withing a subfolder were not being shown.
  • The slider controls on the MusicIP settings page were not showing in IE.
  • The TTF Font option on the config screen was not being saved.
  • Albumart failed to download correctly.
  • Precaching images wasn’t functioning correctly.
  • Old actors, directors and genres were not being removed from the database.
  • The default cache location has been changed to within the SwissCenter directory.
  • Fixed a bug whereby photos were not being played on some hardware players.
Oct 092006

This is patch 4 for version 1.15 and mainly fixes a number of bugs that have been reported in the forums. There are a few feature enhancements and changes to existing functionality, but on the whole this release is being made to enhance stability.


  • Added the French translation (thanks yqu)
  • Increased the font size on the menus due to pressure in the forums!
  • The default action when selecting a movie by the “Browse Filesystem” method is now to resume playing from the last point you watched if you are using the Simese webserver.
  • Precaching thumbnails for photos can now be enabled or disabled in the config screens, and is disabled by default.
  • Better “Now Playing” screen support for linkplayer users (hopefully – I don’t have any hardware to test this on!).
  • More common installation tests to help in problem diagnosis.

Bug fixes:

  • Suppressed errors from being displayed when trying to obtain file information for files over 2Gb (this was only affecting linux installations).
  • The “Refresh” link for “Browse Filesystem” doesn’t cause a timeout problem anymore.
  • Better support for foreign characters in filenames.
  • Music playback is now automatically ordered by album, track number and then title.
  • Fixed some and parser errors.
  • Fixed the bug whereby media that had been removed from the system was not being deleted from the database.
  • Fixed a session timeout issue that was affecting movie pause/resume.
  • Fixed VBR MP3 issues (I think – let me know in the forums!)
  • Provided a temporary workaround for missing subtitles in movies.
Oct 272005

I know it’s been a long wait, but I’ve finally found the time to release a new version. There might be a few bugs – so if you find any, post the details to the forum and I’ll try to get them fixed as soon as possible!

New Features:

  • Multi-language support added*
  • Enahanced photo support (more viewing options)
  • EXIF data extracted from photos where available.
  • Added “Compact” thumbnail view which allows 18 pictures/icons to be displayed on a single page.
  • Installation checks are performed to help identify potential configuration issues.
  • Uses the built-in media refresh capability of the Simese webserver when possible (the windows “at” command is no longer used).
  • Downloadable styles are now available on linux.
  • For playlists containing only music tracks the “Now Playing” screen is displayed
  • The photo slideshow is available when using the SwissCenter through a browser on the PC.
  • More film details are displayed (Unfortunately, only in english)
  • Files that have been modified on disk are re-scanned during a media refresh to identify changes.
  • Better “Save Playlist” screen.
  • Added buttons to the PC browser version to imitate certain remote control functions.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed some issues with the “Search for new media” – should now be more robust
  • Modified the movie information download to reflect changes to the site.
  • Better check for internet connectivity (reduced timeout)
  • The “Update” icons was being shown after the initial installation, even if there was no update available.
  • Picture thumbnails are shown with a border, allowing them to be correctly aligned with each other.
  • Movie details are now downloaded only if an internet connection is available, and the user has enabled the feature on the config page.
  • Cache filenames include the XY size in the filename.
  • Identified issues giving the warning “Using a side-effect of php 3…blah blah blah”.
  • Fixed image resizing issues – sometimes images were not resized correctly.
  • Empty playlists don’t cause an error anymore

* Please note that although the code supports multi-language, only the english language file is complete. To help translate SwissCenter into other languages, please see this forum post.

Jul 182005

New Features:

  • Multi-user support. – each user has their own preferences and can protect their account with a PIN number.
  • Certificates – each account can be set to restrict access to a maximum certificate level. (film certificates are automatically downloaded from the internet along with actor/director information)
  • “Quick Play” to allow you to watch or listen to a random selection very easily.
  • Improved Linux support.
  • Scheduler interface added to the Configuration Utility for Linux users.
  • New styles available that use 24-bit background images – 2 styles are provided as default, and more can be downloaded from this website.

Bugs Fixed

  • Made sure all table/column names are the correct case (linux is case-sensitive for MySQL)
  • Checked and fixed some memory leaks.
  • Made support.log a more readable.
  • Fixed issues relating to the use of symbolic links on linux.
  • Fixed a bug in the weather module where changing units lost the current city you were viewing.
  • Thumbnails for media without album art were not being displayed correctly.
  • Improved the quality of the “Now Playing” screen image.
  • Stopped error messages from appearing when downloading new styles (if there were none available)

Linux Users

Unfortunately, in versions prior to 1.09 the auto-update feature does not work correctly and so you must manually download a replacement upgrade.php script (available as a zip file here). Once you have overwritten your existing upgrade.php file with this one then you may choose the “Update” option from the SwissCenter main menu.

Note: Make sure that the Apache document root where you have installed SwissCenter and all the files/directories within it are owned by the Apache user otherwise the update will not be able to write the new files.

Feb 232005
New Features:

  • NTSC support. This should be automatically detected and used (however, without having an NTSC TV, I can’t be 100% sure!)
  • A “Now Playing” screen is displayed when listening to music which contains Album Art (if present), and details of the track Name, Artist and Album.
  • Additional movie details (actors, directors, genre) are collected if an internet connection is present whenever new movies are detected. (these details can be manually added or edited too).
  • “Messages” section added to display messages to the user such as notification of new features.
  • Basic Photo support – you can browse the filesystem and select individual photos or an entire directory for viewing as a slideshow. Many more options will be implemented in future versions.
  • Images are considered Cover Art pictures if they have the exact same name as the movie (with only the extension different). This is in addition to images called “folder.jpg” and those identified in the config screen.
  • It is now possible to search The Weather Channel for cities missing from the SwissCenter database, and get weather information if it is available.
  • Iconbar added to the main screen to (a) enable more to be displayed and (b) make it look prettier!

Bugs Fixed

  • Text is truncated to fit the screen based on letter sizes, instead of simply limiting the number of characters.
  • Extensive logging to a file done to aid debugging and support issues.
  • Fixed font colour on the 5-day weather forecast that was causing the day names to not display.
  • Mp3’s were not ordered correctly (eg: track 1,10,11,2,3,4,5.. etc)
  • Server differences between Simese and Apache detected and resolved.
  • Renamed a column in a database table that has been made into a reserved word (in MySQL 4.1)
  • Fixed compatibility issues between PHP 4.3.10+ and MySQL4.1+
  • Missing images are replaced with a transparent pixel to stop the page from being rendered in an ugly manner.
  • Directories from several media locations are now merged correctly.
  • Hidden “Recycler”, “System Volume Information” and “dot” files from the browsing screens.
  • The “Play Time” for a music selection was not being calculated correctly.
  • Merged all media search routines into a single script – which can be scheduled to run automatically.
  • Several typos and spelling mistakes!
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