Jan 102008

A new release was made available a few days ago!

Enhancements / New Features

  • Enhanced photo/slideshow options. Photos can now be browsed by their IPTC/XMP metadata information.
  • Last.FM support.
  • Web browsing can now be performed from your media player.
  • Added import of iTunes playlists.
  • New TV Series media type. This automatically recognizes TV series and episode details to assist navigation.
  • Added a parser for TV Series to get episode details from epguides.com.
  • Ability to delete videos.
  • Video details and running time can now be viewed.
  • Added dvr-ms file support, including metadata extraction.
  • Added AlbumArtist and Disc tags for improved mp3 browsing and ordering.
  • Improved support for Netgear EVA700 player. Includes remote mapping and custom quick icons.
  • Sub-Categories can be defined to improve media navigation.
  • Improved style framework to support more configurable styles.
  • The current music playlist can be played whilst viewing a slideshow.
  • A media search can now be ‘forced’ to refresh all metadata.
  • Added the ability to filter based on “played status“.
  • Folders containing DVD vob files will be added to database with title taken from folder name.


  • The GetID3 library has been fixed for improved mp3 and wma tag recognition, especially track numbers and genres.
  • Fixed various playlist bugs.
  • Fixed some search/browse history issues.
  • … and various other minor fixes.
Apr 152005

New Features:

  • Linux compatible (Tested on SuSE Linux 9.2, although it should work with other distributions)
  • VOB support added.
  • Added support for categorisation of media to enable the user to restrict searching/browsing to a particular category (eg: “TV Series”, “Films” or “Music Videos”). User-defined categories can be added/deleted from the configuration utility.
  • Added a virtual category called “Recently Added” which displays media that has been detected by the Swisscenter within the last 7 days (this value will be configurable in the next release).
  • Film Art” is now automatically downloaded from the internet where available if it is not already present on your system.
  • Album Art” contained within the ID3 tag of an MP3 is used if it is present (there is also an option to disable this if required within the configuration utility).
  • The “SwissCenter Configuration Utility” has been improved to allow in-place editing of various fields, as well as many more configuration options for the new features.
  • Windows users can now control the days on which an automatic media search is performed, as well as the time, using the configuration utility (Eg: 8:30am, every Monday and Thursday).
  • The size, placement and colours of text and images on the “Now Playing” screen can be controlled from within the style definition .
  • All features that require access to the internet can be individually enabled or disabled to ensure you have complete control over information being uploaded or downloaded from your PC (also add a “Privacy Policy” to the configuration utility).
  • Limited support has been added to enable the SwissCenter to operate under Microsoft’s IIS webserver.

Bugs Fixed

  • The version of PHP being used is checked to ensure it meets the minimum requirements.
  • The “Total Play Time” now displays the number of days and seconds correctly.
  • Playlists of over 4000 items were causing the Showcenter hardware to crash. This has been remedied.
  • Duplicate entries in the database for media files are automatically detected and removed.
  • Matching of filenames to movie names when looking up extra details on the internet (such as actors and directors) has been improved.
  • Internet Radio” has been moved to the main menu as it wasn’t appropriate to have the link from “Listen to Music” now that categorisation is supported.
  • After viewing messages, user are not returned to the correct screen.
  • The update icon only gets displayed when there actually is an update.
  • Many typos have been fixed!