Directory Browsing - Thumbnails

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Directory Browsing - Thumbnails

Postby SimonD » Sun Dec 18, 2005 6:30 am

I may have broken this myself but thought I would ask....

I am running v1.14.1
I have modified the index.php to directly call the music and video browse page instead of the standard menu.


http://localhost:8000/video_browse.php in on the home menu instead of http://localhost:8000/video.php

Now I seem to be able to browse music OR video but never the two!

If I goto music_browse then the thumbnails appear ok.
if I then click home and video_browse, the page is there but there are no files showing. (the list view also shows nothing)
Now if I use the buttons at the botton to goto movies then general then browse file system, the thumbnails show ok.
Now press home and then goto music_browse and I get no music thumbnails!

wow that was hard to explain!

Presumably the menus inbetween which I have bypassed are setting some variable which is not being set by just going directly to the browse page.

Also at some point some *.tmp files have been created in the root of the drive I have simese installed, they were actually GIF files of video art.