Apr 062010

Due to moving home in the next couple of days I will not be around much to reply to any support issues. It could be a couple of weeks before I get an internet connection at my new address so there are unlikely to be any updates/releases during this time.


Nigel (Pernod)

Jul 242007

Hi everyone, I thought I should post a short message to let you all know that there will be a slight pause in development work on the SwissCenter project due to the fact that I’ve gone and broken my arm in a couple of places whilst playing squash.

Unfortunately the bone came out of my arm, complete with lots of blood, so at the moment I’m a bit useless on the computer with only the one hand.


Oct 222005

Well eveyone, I’m back from my holiday in Tanzania and ready to begin work on getting a new release out to you all… I know it’s been a while. In fact, I’ve been back for a week now, but I’ve had to catch up on a number of things at work as well as doing all the usual post-holiday chores such as washing and ironing!

Also, I got engaged to my girlfriend Chengyu whilst on holiday and so I’m also busy trying to plan a wedding for sometime in the new year… so much to do… why can’t there be more hours in the day?

Anyway, I didn’t do a last minute release before going on holiday as I discovered a rather nasty bug in the search code that I’d re-factored (which stopped the search working entirely when you entered more than 3 characters)… so I thought it best leave it until my return!

I’ll get back into the code now and I plan to do a release during the week.


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Aug 082005

I’m currently without any telephone or internet access at home due to problems whilst moving ADSL provider. The only internet access I have is via my work connection or my mobile phone – which means that it’s unlikely I’ll be able to post any new releases until my home connection is back up and working.

Update (7th September)

Still no telephone or internet service

I’m one of the unfortunate people that decided it was a good idea to move to the 8Mb connection offered by Bulldog. To be fair to Bulldog though, the problems I’ve had so far have all been caused by BT’s inability to connect the right pairs of wires together. I can’t really blame Bulldog for that… and there’s no way I’m going to reward BT by moving my account back to them, so I guess I’ll just have to keep waiting.

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Feb 072005

OK folks, sorry there hasn’t been much activity on the development of the SwissCenter or the forums lately.. I had a little snowboarding accident whilst on holiday and fractured one of the vertebrae in my spine.

However, I’m on the road to recovery and busy working on a new version.

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