Apr 032011

Over the past few days I have been migrating the project from the TRAC issue tracking tool to the newer Assembla ticketing and issue management. If you are a regular follower of development you will find that the Bug Tracking option will now take you to the new Tickets page in Assembla. If you are looking for the equivalent to the old TRAC Timeline then select the Streams tab in Assembla.

Mar 202008

One of the main features missing from SwissCenter is the ability to schedule and record TV programmes using a capture card or DVB-T device.

So… this is a call for any windows developers out there who might be able to make this a possibility.

Ideally, the utility would be able to:

  • Setup the DVB-T channels list (tune the stations)

  • Accept instructions to switch to a specific channel and record to a names file at a set time and for a set duration (eg: BBC1, at 20/Mar/2008 21:00:00 for 6 0 minutes to file c:programme_name.avi).

In addition, it would be very useful if the schedule information could be read from the EPG broadcast as part of the DVB-T stream, and written to a location accessible by SwissCenter (eg: an XML file, or better still, directly into the MySQL database).

The program itself would be completely independant from SwissCenter, and would provide a simple API that could be used from within PHP (eg: via the command line or by writing to a file that is monitored by the app).

Please discuss here.

May 072007

For instructions on installing and configuring MusicIP for use with SwissCenter, click here.

The latest version of SwissCenter (1.16) integrations support for the MusicIP application, providing a powerful “play similar songs” feature through the creation of acoustic fingerprints of each track in your collection.

When MusicIP is installed onto the same machine that is running SwissCenter an extra option is enabled which allows you to generate a random playlist of songs which are similar to a song you select.

For example, say you want to listen to a mixture of easy going music then you would simply select a base song which reflects the type of mood you are looking for (for example: Come away with me by Norah Jones). On the menu between “Play Now” and “Add to Playlist” you will see a new option :- “Play similar songs”. When you choose this option, SwissCenter (in conjunction with the MusicIP application) will start to play a collection of similar songs to the one selected (the length of the playlist, and how often an artist can be repeated can all be controlled from the SwissCenter configuration pages).

MusicIP is available as both a free download and a premium paid-for version from www.musicip.com. SwissCenter only requires the free version, however if you use this feature a lot then It would be nice to support MusicIP buy upgrading to the premium version (and no, I don’t get any commission!).

Sep 162006

I almost forgot to mention that there’s a new feature in 1.15 that a lot of people have been asking for… and that’s the ability to jump through the many pages of files that are displayed when you are in “Browse Filesystem” mode.

Simply press any number on the remote control between 1 and 9 and you will jump to the relevant page (1 = first page, 9 = last page).


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Sep 232005

Right… Now that my internet connection has finally been restored (8Mb/s whoohoo!) I’m in a position to be able release a new version.

However, there’s a little problem.

I go on holiday in a few days, and I’m not too keen on unleashing a new version (which comes complete with new features… and new bugs) and potentially causing you all lots of grief until I return.

So… please cast your votes on the Poll as to what you think I should do.

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