Aug 292008

Apologies for the late arrival of this release. We were hoping to get more in here but real life work takes priority so not had much spare development time unfortunately.

Plenty of improvements here for PCH owners anyway.

Enhancements / New Features

    • Automatically load a specified playlist.
    • Added a timeout if user account is protected by a PIN. The default timeout period is 4 hours.
    • Added TV expression editor.
    • Added a Spanish movie parser.
    • IMDb parser now supported (now with hi-res images).
    • Updated Load/Save Settings to include latest features.
    • Added System Tests for cache and playlist locations.
    • Can now update SwissCenter to the latest development version.
    • Menus will now wrap from first to last page.

Popcorn Hour (NMT) Improvements

    • Font sizes are now consistent for all players/resolutions.
    • Music playback fixed with Now Playing screen (requires firmware NMT-001-17-080725-15-POP-402-000 or later)
    • DVD images can now be played (iso, img, ifo formats supported).
    • Now supports the HDX 900 and Egreat EG-M31A media players.
    • Fixed background image size when using HD modes.


    • Style and language are now re-cached after an update.
    • Fixed Now Playing screen layout for PHP5 users.
    • Fixed shuffle defaulting to ‘On’ when browsing by filesystem.
    • Fixed TVDB parser to use English if users language is not supported.
    • Fixed auto-updating of files containing spaces.
    • Fixed iTunes playlist import with UNC paths.
    • Fixed setting viewed status in TV/video details.
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May 182008

A new release mainly to fix the Weather feature.

Enhancements / New Features

  • Tidied Main Menu with new Internet Services submenu.
  • Improved performance when browsing videos.
  • Added support for m4a audio files.
  • Added support for Matroska (mkv) video files.
  • Added support for Vorbis Comments tags (flac,ogg).
  • Improved embedded image (PIC & APIC tags) support for audio files.
  • Can now select transition effects for slideshows.
  • Style settings added to Keypad pages.
  • Updated Weather feature for new API.


  • Fixed updating RSS feeds from the TV.
  • Fixed OFDb parser.
  • Fixed encoding of scrobbled tracks to LastFM.
Apr 222008

A new release!

Enhancements / New Features

  • RSS feeds can now be configured and viewed.
  • Languages moved to XML and editor now included. The editor simplifies the task of creating/updating language translations.
  • Configuration pages are now resized to the browser window.
  • Style settings have been added to the Web and Setup pages.
  • Added TVDb parser which also retrieve individual episode images along with series images.
  • Schedule page can now be used to configure media updates.
  • Added support for Popcorn Hour media player.
  • Added support for FLAC audio files.
  • Added support for playlists saved in WPL format (Windows Media Player).
  • Added Italian movie parser from
  • Added Italian and Norwegian translations.


  • Fixed refreshing of progress on 'Search For New Media' page.

Mar 202008

One of the main features missing from SwissCenter is the ability to schedule and record TV programmes using a capture card or DVB-T device.

So… this is a call for any windows developers out there who might be able to make this a possibility.

Ideally, the utility would be able to:

  • Setup the DVB-T channels list (tune the stations)

  • Accept instructions to switch to a specific channel and record to a names file at a set time and for a set duration (eg: BBC1, at 20/Mar/2008 21:00:00 for 6 0 minutes to file c:programme_name.avi).

In addition, it would be very useful if the schedule information could be read from the EPG broadcast as part of the DVB-T stream, and written to a location accessible by SwissCenter (eg: an XML file, or better still, directly into the MySQL database).

The program itself would be completely independant from SwissCenter, and would provide a simple API that could be used from within PHP (eg: via the command line or by writing to a file that is monitored by the app).

Please discuss here.