Jul 242007

Hi everyone, I thought I should post a short message to let you all know that there will be a slight pause in development work on the SwissCenter project due to the fact that I’ve gone and broken my arm in a couple of places whilst playing squash.

Unfortunately the bone came out of my arm, complete with lots of blood, so at the moment I’m a bit useless on the computer with only the one hand.


May 302007

I’ve decided to do a release due to problems with the “Now Playing” screen that was affecting a number of users. There are a few other enhancements that I’ve made over the weekend, so I have incorporated those as well.

Enhancements / New Features

  • Ability to export/import swisscenter settings.
  • Swisscenter now updates MusicIP with details of new media locations and new MP3s found. There is no need to use the MusicIP interface for this any more.
  • Updated Dutch and German translations.
  • You can now select to search for new media by media type and/or category. Information on the progress of the search is also displayed back to the user.
  • Periods and underscores in filenames are now converted into spaces within movie/MP3 titles.
  • Added “Expert Options” to edit the swisscenter database and system preferences manually.


  • Included a workaround for occasions when the wrong port number is reported in the HTTP request sent by the hardware player. This should fix the “Now Playing” screen issues.
  • Logging level couldn’t be set to 1.
  • Thumb/list view not switching on the “edit movie details” config screen.
  • Updated the version of the GetID3 library used by swisscenter to the latest stable release. This should fix some MP3 tagging issues.
  • Old movie details were not being removed if you clicked “Update movie details”.
May 252007

Enhancements / New Features

  • Enahnced “Now Playing” screen. Includes prev/next track, track length and position in playlist.
  • The viewed status of media items is indicated by a small icon (red=unviewed, orange=part-viewed, green=viewed). If anyone can suggest/create better icons then please contact me!
  • You can now enable/disable individual “Browse by” options.
  • The Configuration pages have been better organized.
  • Collapsable menus on the config screen to help reduce complexity.
  • Photo albums get deleted if there are nolonger any photos in them.
  • You can now list movies via their cover art in the “Edit Movie Details” section of the configuration utility.
  • New “Filter” option that is applied after you select a category. Currently the only filter is the age of the media (ie: added within the last 7 days) but more are planned.
  • If only a single category has been defined, then the category selection screen is skipped.
  • The “New media” light on the front of some hardware players now flashes while a media update is in progress.
  • Added the Swisscenter license (GPL) to the config pages.
  • You can now edit the movie title on the config pages!
  • Mapped the Red,Green,Blue buttons to “rewind”, “Fast-forward” and “skip-forward” on the Buffalo Linktheater. Better icons to follow in the future.


  • Fixed some issues on the “Installation Tests” screen. Some tests were being wrongly reported as failed.
  • Fixed a font size issue on HDTV screens.
  • Fixed the downloading of styles/skins from the swisscenter website.
  • Thumbnails (of photos) are now rotated according to the EXIF data (if enabled).
  • Added the missing “12A” rating from the BBFC scheme.
  • The time stored internally for media files is not the timestamp of the file rather than the date it was discovered.
  • Internet radio stations from Live-Radio are now limited to MP3 streams only.
  • The first genre in “shoutcast” and “live-radio” was not being displayed.
  • Implemented better logging of the internet radio features.
  • The PC Browser navigations buttons were double submitting, causing problems with navigation.
  • Photos that were not withing a subfolder were not being shown.
  • The slider controls on the MusicIP settings page were not showing in IE.
  • The TTF Font option on the config screen was not being saved.
  • Albumart failed to download correctly.
  • Precaching images wasn’t functioning correctly.
  • Old actors, directors and genres were not being removed from the database.
  • The default cache location has been changed to within the SwissCenter directory.
  • Fixed a bug whereby photos were not being played on some hardware players.
May 072007

For instructions on installing and configuring MusicIP for use with SwissCenter, click here.

The latest version of SwissCenter (1.16) integrations support for the MusicIP application, providing a powerful “play similar songs” feature through the creation of acoustic fingerprints of each track in your collection.

When MusicIP is installed onto the same machine that is running SwissCenter an extra option is enabled which allows you to generate a random playlist of songs which are similar to a song you select.

For example, say you want to listen to a mixture of easy going music then you would simply select a base song which reflects the type of mood you are looking for (for example: Come away with me by Norah Jones). On the menu between “Play Now” and “Add to Playlist” you will see a new option :- “Play similar songs”. When you choose this option, SwissCenter (in conjunction with the MusicIP application) will start to play a collection of similar songs to the one selected (the length of the playlist, and how often an artist can be repeated can all be controlled from the SwissCenter configuration pages).

MusicIP is available as both a free download and a premium paid-for version from www.musicip.com. SwissCenter only requires the free version, however if you use this feature a lot then It would be nice to support MusicIP buy upgrading to the premium version (and no, I don’t get any commission!).

May 072007

It’s been a while (almost 6 months) but at last I’ve found some time to fix some bugs and implement a few new features into SwissCenter. The main features of this release are

  1. Integration with internet radio directories Shoutcast and Live-Radio from within the SwissCenter interface. This should make it much easier to find stations to listen to (in addition, the bitrate of each station is also shown).
  2. Integration with a piece of software called MusicIP which analyses each song in your collection and creates an acoustic fingerprint for matching similar songs and artists (regardless of data format or bitrate).

My thanks to everyone who has been active in the forums suggesting improvements and fixes, and special thanks to those of you who have been providing language translations and contributing code.

Enhancements / New Features

  • Integration with Shoutcast and Live-Radio websites.
  • Integration with MusicIP.
  • Added Danish language support (thanks to CryptoKnight)
  • Added Dutch language support (thanks to Mvdkleijn)
  • Added Polish language support (thanks to Jaruckil)
  • Improved German language support (thanks to Izzy and NoXcape4U)
  • Improved French language support (thanks to Yqu)
  • An extra option has been added to allow you to specify the true-type font to use on the “Now Playing” screen. This should help alleviate problems for linux users who were missing the track details.
  • Added the ability to rotate images within a slideshow based on the information present in the EXIF Orientation field. Performing the rotate is the default action but it can be disabled from the “Audio Option” screen in the config utility.


  • Directories starting with a dot are now ignored when searching for new media files.
  • Improved finding of the PHP command line executable.
  • Fixed some bugs related to PIN code entry.
  • Added a button (when browsing by filesystem) to rescan the current directory for new media.
  • Fixed the ability to download and install styles from the SwissCenter website on windows machines (worked fine on linux!)
  • Improved the display of the config utility on Firefox2 and IE7
  • Added the missing submit button to the Audio options page.
  • Fixed a bug in the thumb.php script which prevented remote images from being resized and displayed correctly.