Oct 092006

This is patch 4 for version 1.15 and mainly fixes a number of bugs that have been reported in the forums. There are a few feature enhancements and changes to existing functionality, but on the whole this release is being made to enhance stability.


  • Added the French translation (thanks yqu)
  • Increased the font size on the menus due to pressure in the forums!
  • The default action when selecting a movie by the “Browse Filesystem” method is now to resume playing from the last point you watched if you are using the Simese webserver.
  • Precaching thumbnails for photos can now be enabled or disabled in the config screens, and is disabled by default.
  • Better “Now Playing” screen support for linkplayer users (hopefully – I don’t have any hardware to test this on!).
  • More common installation tests to help in problem diagnosis.

Bug fixes:

  • Suppressed errors from being displayed when trying to obtain file information for files over 2Gb (this was only affecting linux installations).
  • The “Refresh” link for “Browse Filesystem” doesn’t cause a timeout problem anymore.
  • Better support for foreign characters in filenames.
  • Music playback is now automatically ordered by album, track number and then title.
  • Fixed some www.dvdloc8.com and www.lovefilm.com parser errors.
  • Fixed the bug whereby media that had been removed from the system was not being deleted from the database.
  • Fixed a session timeout issue that was affecting movie pause/resume.
  • Fixed VBR MP3 issues (I think – let me know in the forums!)
  • Provided a temporary workaround for missing subtitles in movies.
Sep 162006

I almost forgot to mention that there’s a new feature in 1.15 that a lot of people have been asking for… and that’s the ability to jump through the many pages of files that are displayed when you are in “Browse Filesystem” mode.

Simply press any number on the remote control between 1 and 9 and you will jump to the relevant page (1 = first page, 9 = last page).


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Sep 142006

Version 1.15 of SwissCenter is now available. You can upgrade your existing installation by selecting the “Update” icon on the main menu.

If you do not have an update icon, and you are also missing links to Weather forecasts and Internet radio then you will need to read the details posted here.

It has been a long time since the last non-beta release, and I can warn you now that 1.15 isn’t perfect… however… I plan to release smaller but more frequent updates. For example, any bugs that are reported will be issued as a patch as soon as a fix becomes available. No more waiting for the next major version.

Feedback on the new features such as high-definition support would be appreciated (please post to the forums).

PS: If you’re wondering about the remote control on the left, it’s a Logitech Harmony universal remote which I can heartily recommend. It’s certainly better than the remote supplied with the Showcenter 1000 and has the added benefit of controlling practically anything you want!

Apr 192006

A beta release of version 1.14 is available for installation for those who would like to try it. Please note that not this is not a final release, and there are still a few features that are not implemented (eg: The “Now Playing” screen does not display in HD mode).

New Features and Bug fixes include:

  • Resume movie support (for Simese users only).
  • Wikipedia Integration.
  • PHP5 support
  • Corrected the screen size in HD browser mode.
  • Updated language files (es).
  • Added a series of environment tests to help detect Linux installation problems.
  • All video files are added to the database, regardless of whether GetID3 thinks that are valid files or not!
  • Added missing MPAA ratings (“PG”, “Unrated” and “Not Rated”).
  • Better handling of ratings between BBFC and MPAA rating schemes.
  • Better playlist support (tested with Winamp and Windows Media Player).
  • Fixed searching issues.
  • Fixed the bug where Mozilla wasn’t detected properly.
  • Fixed pagination problems on the “update movie details” pages.
  • Finally fixed the bug where load/save playlist didn’t redirect to the correct page.
  • Added “divx” as a valid movie file extension.

To install the beta version, please see the instructions posted to the Beta forum. As always, please report any bugs that you find to the forums…